Last year about this time, we began working on a project for Parks Canada which lasted a couple of months. It was a flash project that was an educational interactive presentation that taught about the history and uses of Caribou Fences. We had no idea what they were going into the project but learned that the Inuit people of Canada and Alaska built these massive fences to corral, trap and ultimately kill herds of caribou in order to feed and clothe their people. It was a wonderful project to work on and we developed it completely in AS3 using PureMVC as the framework. It was a perfect project to use that framework for.

The project had to incorporate 3 languages (English, French and Gwich’in). The English was fairly strait forward, the French wasn’t too bad, but the Gwich’in was very difficult since we didn’t have a translator on hand and only had documents to work from. The framework allowed us to set it up so that it could switch between languages without having to reload the page. The thing that is nice about the framework is that it handles all the communication between the view’s and data which allows you to have a clean development environment. We didn’t use the timeline for the project, it was all handled with actionscript.

Click here to view Caribou Fences Interactive.

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