Over the winter we had been working on a portfolio website redesign for a 3D artist in Toronto. The project was mostly php/mysql based which was a welcome change from all the flash work we had been doing earlier that year. The website includes an inline CMS (meaning that after you login, you just navigate around and edit whatever items you want to). It turned out a lot better than we thought it would and uses a lot of ajax for a lot of the CMS updates. Our friend, Ian McFadyen, did all the design work and did an amazing job to boot. We handled all of the development work.

View Ray Caesar’s website.

After learning about the project we realized we should probably get our hands on a PHP based framework to base everything off of. We found out that so many frameworks are way too convoluted with things we would never use. Along our google journey I ran accross something called Simple PHP Framework. We downloaded it and ran some tests with it. It comes with some very nice utility functions and classes including user authorization classes and database access classes. It had pretty much everything we were looking for.

Anyways, we're sending out much love to the guys involved with the framework for saving us many hours of tearing our hair out figuring a lot of this stuff on our own. We've also since implemented it on http://www.freeshipping.org and the admin for our first iPhone app's webservice at http://www.couponsherpa.com

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